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How to Properly Measure Your Head for Molli Makes Hats

hold the tape measure in the center of your forehead
Start with the measuring tape in the very center of your forehead.
continue moving the rope around the back of you head until it reaches the back of your head. it should be lower on the back of your head
Go around the back of your head the to where the hat would sit
holding the end of the measure rope on your forehead. wrap the rope towards the back of your head so the rope sits right above your ear
Go around your head to the top of your ear
repeat step two. over the other ear and bring the rope back around to the front so it meets the beginning of the rope.
Bring the tape around to the other ear and back to the front of your head
Be sure you add .5"-1" to your measurement head size to insure a good fit. .5" for a tighter fit 1" for looser.
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