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Imperial Officer Corps

~Hats currently are available in Black ONLY. (please message if interested in CosplaySky Olive and Mongoli Olive)

~Custom liner color is included in each  hat purchase

~High Detailed Disks by ElvisTrooper are available for purchase upon request

~Please know that there is a .25" margin for error before they are complete and unable to be changed.

~Please look over How to Measure your Head before ordering

Thanks! Message sent.

Or if you prefer the old fashioned way...

Order Form Information

Please provide the following information:

~Your name and IOC/501/RL username if you have one

~An email address that you check regularly as this will be our main way of connecting

~What color hat you are looking to acquire

~A measurement on your hat holder (your head) *see "how to measure head" tab

~What color lining you want in your hat

~If you want a code disk or not 

Please use the "Message" section for any other note you might  want to add

After I have this info your name with be added to the list.

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