Let's Play a Game!

Even thought Leah Beth eared the most points, I will be awarding the win to EVE S. 

Because Leah doesn't pair for any of her ears anyways :)


Honorable Mentions:

The Most Obnoxiously Precise Answer: XENA 

#30. Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios. Toy Story Land. Popsicle wall located on the exit path of midway mania. When you are walking said path the popsicle wall can be found to your right hand side. On your left there is a checkered board wall. The popsicle wall is also home to the cast member only entrance/exit to walk to (redacted for safety) This phot was also taken during the Christmas season.

The Most Photos Guessed: Kaitlyn L.

29 out of 30 photos guessed!

The Most Ridiculous Answers: Rianne M.

Including answers like... #5 DLP. Cali Adventure. Asia. Carousel of Progress. AND #23 WDW. Disney Studios Park. New Orleans Square. Flo's Diner.

Hope you had fun!!

Key for Answers:

WDW- Walt Disney World/ Orlando, FL

DLR- Disneyland Resort/ Anaheim, CA

DLP- Disneyland Paris France

top players!

points out of 90 (not including bonus points)

71 Leah Beth V. 

65 Eve S.

51 Lori V.

41 Kaitlyn L.

36 Sarah Grace H.

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