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My Disney Experience                   CP '16 &'17?

College Program Spring 2017

5 February  2017

I have been at Disney for two weeks now. And let me tell you it has been a VERY different experience than my last program. The first week was pretty cool. All the roommate hung out and let out to do things like walmart trips, eating together, eating together again, and going to Disney Springs (Downtown Disney). Last year the roommate very rarely did anything together and it was almost impossible to get all 6 of us in one room. This year if we have off together we spend time together and its really nice. The first couple nights we painted canvas, each of our own state and decorated it that way we each wanted we then put a star on our home town and connected them all to a canvas of Florida at Disney. A friend from last program did that and i stole the idea from her but it seemed like a good "bonding" thing to do since we are (mostly) all crafty.

Now i said this has been very different and the roommates aren't the only reason for that. Last year you could say that i was "healthy" the full program. This year I got sick in the first week! The day before my Traditions day (first day of work) we had a welcome party put on by the program admins. We went and had fun and all was great until.... about 1 am. Every hour i was up... it was like clockwork until 5 am . Now this first day of work, I had to be on the bus in business clothes at 6 am. So with no sleep and the fear that i was going to be sick again i got on the bus and went to work. I took one step in the day and they said "nope" and sent me home. Of course i had taken the bus and had no car so i had to take the bus home... an hour later im on the say home still feeling like crap. Lets just say I got off the bus just in time :/ after that i didnt eat anything but gold fish and sprite for about a week :D GOOD NEWS! No one else got sick and I am better now and hungry all the time.But I will not be eating pizza for a very long time.

Mom and Leah were here last week and I have slept about 4 hours all week:P it was training week so a couple early mornings and a couple later nights. So no w I get to start pretending like I know what is going on and helping guests. Oh!  I dont think I have mentioned where I am working. Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in Oasis. this means that I get to sell strollers, wheelchairs, ECV, and other merch at the very front of the park. Like so far in front that I cant even see the tree of life from any of my stores... Its going to be great. Good news is there is so much guest interaction and for the most part they are happy because they have no reason to be mad yet haha. 

Oh and school work is going well for anyone that cares if I have actually been doing my work ;)


13 January 2017

Packing. Packing. Packing... That's about it. We had a group video chat and four of us made it and the other two had other things come up and were unable to get on :/ We are hoping to get a group chat one more before we move down in ONE WEEK!!! Other than that nothing is new but I am trying to avoid packing so yeah. :D



2 January 2017

Today we confirmed our roommates! While this sounds like something that should be very simple it is very much not. You are required to fins your own roommates for the program whether you live in Disney housing or off site. They give you no guidance on finding a roommate or housemate, you are totally on your own. So after finding people on Facebook and having almost the right group of ladies about four times we finally found a group that I think will be a good match. Liz and I are still rooming together but Amy is no longer coming because of medical reasons but plans on making enough trips to see us that we will hardly notice. Others in the group include; Hannah, Erika, Kimmi, and Clarice. We all live in the same time zone which makes it nice when we are messaging and making plans to video chat because we don't have to worry about waking someone or planning a video chat in the middle of someone's dinner. We are under a month before move in day and we are getting excited! We are talking about trying to vlog but we will see how that plays out ;)



16 October 2016

Shocker. Shocker. Molli has slacked with the updates! So here we go! I got in for Spring Program 2017. YAY! Also the people that got in for the same time; Liz (Roommate from last time) and Amy (Friend from Boardwalk) we are all planning on living in the same house and are looking everywhere for a few more people to finish off the house. I am super excited to go back but more than anything I am excited to get back into the parks for free! And of course go see the Princesses and the Mices and of course Chewie and Kylo! More news to come in the future.


20 August 2016

So. Guess what I did this week... I know such a hard thing to guess since we are on the Disney Experience page. That's right! I applied for the College Program again! My phone interview is in 10 days so, I was looking at my notes that I had made for my interview last year. Basically it's a list of question that could be asked during the interview and little tips and tricks that (I think) increase your chances of passing the interview and making it into the program! So I am going to add a button at the top of the page with the document so if anyone that wants to do the program happens to find this page hopefully it will help! :)

College Program Spring 2016

15 June 2016

As you can see I didnt do much blogging while I was on my program. This should give you a little look into how much free time you have to just do random things if you don't set aside time just for them. I did get alot done in the times that i had free don't get me wrong. It's just that you have to make time for what is important. 

A few things that I did with my free time.

1) go to the park. I am proud to say that I made it to the parks at least once a week for my whole program. Of course it could have been before work or after work, it was very rare that I would go to the park for the whole day and even if I did it would be like 10 in the morning rather than waking up at 7 to get there for rope drop like a normal vacation, If you are going to do the porgram I would suggest your first week go hard. Go to the park every day until you think you are going to fall over dead. Then when you start work pace yourself because going to work after park is very hard but going to park after work is like a reward for not shouing at anyone during the day. Just remember that you have to get up in the morning so if you have a morning shift maybe you should stay till park close :)

2)Sew. I had a couple different projects I worked on while I was on my program. The first was the Beauty and the Beast Costumes for my siblings high school theatre. I had finsihed the yellow before I had left but when I got to Disney I had made the Belle's blue dress and her pink dress (yes she wears a pink dress. look it up) and the enchantress' cloak. Of course I was in Orlando when the play happened so I heard they looked okay :) Second was a couple costumes for a friend named Michael that I had met at Disney. He was a director and he and a couple of his friends had written a series that was based in the Star Wars universe. Those have yet to be finished as the project hit a couple road bumps and was postponed but will be completed at some point this summer. The other two that I will mention was my Dapper Day dress and my May the 4th dress.

Dapper Day is one of the more exciting non-official things to do at Disney and basically what it is, is a WHOLE bunch if people come dressed in there best clothes or in 40s, 50s, or even 20s costumes or dresses. Some people will come in Disney Bound versions which gets really cute when you see a Daisy in a white dress and purple bow and her Donald has a white shirt and blue suspenders, or an Ariel and Flounder couple. Just trust me it is super cute if done the right way. The dress I made was a 40s style dress with this massive colar and super puffy. I worked on it a lot at home but put the finishing touches on it white I was at Disney.

May the 4th is a newer non-official event. It is Star Wars Day! Get it. May the 4th Be With You. okay. well.. There was a group on the Facebook group that wanted to get together and dress in Bounded versions of the Star Wars characters. Of course I jumped at this because I'll take any reason to make a costume. I ended up pulling a big group from work that was Star Wars nerds as much as I am to go with me this day. We never ended up meeting up with the group from facebook but we did see them and joined them in Captain Phasma's march. And let me just say it was a blast. For all of the guests that didn't know what they were getting into when they said, " Let's go to Hollywood Studios today!" and walked into a bunch of college kids (and some adults) dressed up as Darth Vader and carrying light sabers, I'm sure it was quite a sight. I made a dress that was meant to mimic the look of Padme's yellow dress in episode 2 when she is with Anakin on Naboo. I think it turned out really well and I enjoyed making it. The others in the group included a Darth Anakin, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Han Solo, Rey, Storm Trooper, and Yoda. These guys didn't go quite all out as far as I did but they were amazing either way.

Now that I'm think ing about May the 4th I feel the need to tell you about an interaction we had with Kylo Ren. The thing about meeting Kylo is he isn't "nice". LIke you go meet any other "villian" and they will give you a hug or mess with you Kylo isn't that way. He is all business. Which leads to some very interesting interactions. This day was a good one though. So we are standing in line to meet him and everything is fairly normal, if you ignore the fact that we were all dressed like space people. When we finally get into the room he doesn't say much, he just kinda looks at us. The one girl dressed as Han Solo though.... She gets special attention. He walks up to her. looks her up and down a few times and then just hangs his head shankes it and walks away. I about died. The other special thing that happened was, he saw the girl dressed like Kylo because she had asked for a solo with him, when she turns to say thank you, he looks at her and says "Good". and everything was perfect. 

I have learned from these teo group adventures that when meeting characters it is better to just do a group picture and not get a single because it takes sooooooooooooo long for everyone to get their pics done. Although if you are dressed up and want to take pictures with characters I suggest that you dedicate the while day to just taking pictures and not worry about trying to ride rides as well. This causes problems within the group and you most likely will end up spliting up into smaller groups. Which is NOT the worst things in the world. Less people = Less opinions. BUT if you want to get a group picture do it first so if someone needs to leave or if a few what to go do somthing else you didn't have to worry about trying to find each other later in the day.

As I come up with other things that I think wanna-be-CPs might like to know I'll add them to this page. Hope you enjoyed. 


28 January 2016


I have been here (at Disney) for a whole week! whoa... so far i have done a whole lot of training and that is about it. Well I guess that isn't entirely true. For the first week we (the housemates) didn't do much becasue we had welcome events and stuff but most of us weren't in the same groups so we didnt have a whole lot of time to just sit around or to do anything as a group. Since we got our Blue IDs* we have gone into the parks a couple time and I am ashamed to say that I havent ridden more than 25 rides in the week that I have been able to get into the parks for free. I think the real reason is that I don't want to go to the parks alone becasue that sounds super boring. But when I go with the housemates there are too many opinions and we end up standed around talking about what to ride next instead of riding thing. It also doesn't help that the times that I have gone it has been like a few hours at a time not the 12-16 hours that I'm used to. I don't know. I'm not in huge rush to go ride everything although it is kind of annoying that I have been to MK 3 times and have yet to ride Pirates of the Carribean or Jungle Cruise at all. any way. Housing isn't as bad as I thought it could be. It may be partyl because I lucked out with some great roommates. We aren't the same and thats a good thing and it sure does keep things entertaining. Okay so I guess I'll give the run down of what everything is that I have done.

Monday the 18th was move in day.

You are assigned a certain time to meet at the welcome pavilion at the back of Vista Way and you wait in line to get your picture taken. before you get your picture you find out were you are going to work! YAY! I found out that I was at Boardwalk on the Boardwalk. You then go in and get your picture taken for your housing ID which is very important because they will not let you into your housing without it. After you go talk to a couple other people adn find out who you will be housing with and which complex you live in. You pick up your Housing ID and then meet someone who checks to make sure your hair and ears and all is in Disney Look** You then go to your new apartment and hope that you aren't the last one there and don't get the worst room. ANYWAY!

Tuesday the 19th. 

This was my Casting day. Everyone goes throught Casting that works for the company. This is were they get your finger prints and do your background check. Nothing too exciting but the building is really cool.

Thursday the 21st.

Welcome to Housing. It is exactly what is sounds like. They do try to make it fun and at this point you arent completely exhausted so it's pretty easy to stay awake but it is just don't do this, don't bring this into the house, make sure you keep your house clean and do the dishes, blah blah blah.

Saturday the 23rd.

TRADITIONS! Okay so this can get a little boring. BUT it is your first payday!!!! its about 6 hours of sitting in a room and listening to all the basics of what you should and shouldnt do while working for the company. Just your basics becasue everyone takes this class there is nothing specific about each role. after about 4 hours of utter boredom you get to go to the park!! YAY! But it's unlike what you would think. We start at the UtiliDoors*** and come around to main street and go to on other "land". Some groups went to Future World, my group went to StoryBooke Circus. The leader will tell you things as you walk through the about different aspects of working there and a little history of the place but the main reason we are there is to look for the Four Keys**** in action. Then you go back to the classroom and the really exciting things happen! The boss comes in and brings a very special present and then we all get up and go home :)


*Blue ID- Cast ID card, get you into the parks for free and is your identification back stage, also used to clock in and out of work, as well as gets us discounts for food and merchandise.

**Disney Look- the way that all Disney cast members have to conform to so we all have similar style and don't stand out. Ex. you may only have one earring in each ear, it must be the lowest hole in you ear and must be in the lobe. This rule applies to girls. The boy version is like this, Males my not have pierced ears.

***UtiliDoors- Underground/Backstage Magic Kingdom

****Four Keys- the 4 things that every cast member strives to achieve every day. Saftey, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. They will drill this in your brain and you will never forget it ever again. So I will not bore you with it now.


So that was basically my whole first week. Stay tuned for more adventures :)


5 January 2016


So the winter holidays are over and Disney is just 2 weeks away. wow. two weeks. yep its real. We just dropped my brother back off at school and my turn is next. I get to spend the next couple days packing up all (or at least most) of my sewing and crafting stuff which means I will have nothing to do for like a week but I guess that means I'll have time to clean my room.... nah. But on the note of sewing! I volunteered to make a dress for my sister's high school play. Beauty and the Beast. I think I am going to add a page on this site for my costumes because I am kinda proud of them. So on that note. I need to go work on this dress but I will put some teasers of the dress in a link if you care to see a little but of it. :)




12 Days till move in day!!!




23 November 2015


I signed up for classes this week. Real school classes AND Disney classes! In the real world I will be taking a walking class and a geology class... not real excited about those but it will be worth it. Now! Onto more important things! Disney Classes! For the first minisemester I am going to take 2 classes. The first is called Herritage, this is basically Disney History, I get to learn about Walt Disney and the behind the scenes type stuff about what he did before the parks with his brother and animations and what his goals were and all that fun stuff. The second class I'm taking is called Disney Environmentality & Sustainability:Creating a Green Culture, in this course I will get to learn about Disney conservation and the "E-Team" and spend time at Animal Kingdom FOR CLASS! I am actaully really looking forward to these classes. If I'm able I will post pictures but if not that I can tell you what happened in class :)


55 Days until move in day!


29 October 2015


Yesterday my church had it's Trunk or Treat (where instead of decorating your house and kids going from house to house, members of the church come and park in front of the church, decorate the car and the families come and trick or trear from car to car) and this year I wanted to be a flapper. If you know me at all then you will know that I like making things rather than buying them, so when I decided that I was going to do this (in June) I started working on beading the bodice of the dress. The pictures below are the result. Normally I wouldn't have thought to put this on my website but it was a lot of work and I am going to show it off everywhere I can :) If you happen to look at these and think "I wonder if she would make me one?" I am going to tell you right now. No. Not unless you have a year for me to work on it and plan on paying big bucks for it. But HEY if you are okay with that then shoot me an email and we might be able to work something out :P


















80 days until move in day!




22 October 2015


Just found out a friend (devin) that put off applying just so that we had a better chance of going at the same time got in!!! We don't have the same job but this just means that I will have someone from home there the whole time I'm there! Since the program is so hard to get into this is kinda a big deal. And I know this doesn't matter to most people but I am soooooo happy about this and it is part of the "Experience" SO there's that.


3 months until move in day!




14 October 2015


It was suggested to me that I start a blog page about the whole Disney Experience that I will be going through over the next couple months so I figure why not. I've never done this before and I figure hardly anyone will see this so what could it hurt. Like I said never done anything like this so don't eat me alive if I misspell something or forget to caps an i. 



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