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These are the costumes and designs that I have worked on over the last few months.

There are pictures and a description of each to give you an idea of why they were made and who the other people in the photos are.


I hope you enjoy :)

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To see what I have been up to since 2017

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Female Kylo

This isn't for anything special. It is simply because I wanted to make a Star Wars themed outfit that wasn't a costume but I could wear in public. Well I found this fabric at Joann's... and it was on sale... for $3 a yard... so I bought it all :D

It is the best Kylo fabric I have ever seen that doesn't feel scratchy or look like it's been in my aunt's attic since I started sewing. 

The photos below are some that I took at Hollywood Studios at WDW as well as a sketch of the original idea. I really like the dress that is actually a two piece, Kylo seemed to like it as well, or well enough to take a good picture with me for once ;) And yes. it does come with the cape :D

molli standing in front of star war launch bar in kylo ren dress holding skirt out
molli standing in front of star war launch bar in kylo ren dress with light saber
molli standing in front of star war launch bar in kylo ren dress holding skirt out back view
molli standing in front of star war launch bar in kylo ren dress holding cape out

May the 4th Be With You 2016

May the 4th is STAR WARS DAY!

As much as I would like to dress up in full costume and go into the park, it is now against Disney policy for guests over the age of 14 to wear costumes into the park. So, in order to get around Disney rules and still make a costume, I based this dress off of Padme's dress she wears on Naboo in episode 2.

The first picture is my original design. The second is Natalie Portman as Padme in the dress I was trying to mimic. The third and fourth are me in the dress, front and back.  Hair and Makeup done by Frances

sketch of padmes dress from ep 2 on naboo
screen cap of padme in her dress from ep 2 on naboo
molli in dress made to look like the dress padme wears in ep 2 on naboo
back view of the dress as molli walks away
lea and frances dressed as han solo and kylo ren pretend to fight
lea and frances dressed as han solo and kylo ren pretend to fight. kylo stabs han

Above is our Han and Kylo Ren renacting the scene from episode VII. oh yeah... SPOILER ALERT.

Below are a few of the group pictures we took. Everyone in the big group is from where I worked while on the program. Starting on the left we have Frances as Kylo Ren, Lea (not leia) as Han Solo, Amy as Rey, Me as Padme, and Kendahl as Darth Vader.

In the middle, Devin as Darth Vader renacting the scene where Vader force chokes Padme in episode III. Yes, I know I'm wearing the wrong dress but you get the point 

group photo. frances as kylo. lea as han solo. amy as rey. molli as padme. friend as anakin
devin dressed as darth anakin force chokes molli dressed as padme

Dapper Day Spring 2016

Dapper Day is a great day where everyone dresses up like the old days. This year I went with a 40s style dress. I'm pretty sure it was a Simplicity pattern I used to make this, but it turned out really cute. Hair and Makeup by the friend featured in the second photo.

February 3​

Inside Disney Parks - Star Wars Land Edition

So we got an email like three weeks into my College Program that there was an opportunity to be an "extra" in a show called Inside Disney Parks. This episode was all about the new things coming to the Disney Parks like Star Wars Land (it's not the official name but it's what we call it right now). In the email, it said feel free to come in your best Star Wars costumes or Star Wars gear. Anytime someone says "wear costume" and I don't have one, I am going to make one! This is what I came up with. Not based off of any character but just in the world of Star Wars. I think it turned out pretty good all things considered.

Beauty and the Beast 2016

Riverdale High School Spring Play

I had two models for the two of my favorite dresses of the play. The yellow gown is a fellow design student and the blue is my roommate from Disney's little sister. 

Halloween 2015

The theme this year was decades. I wants to do something that would challenge me a little and take a little bit of time to do. This is what I came up with.

The first photo is the piece be piece is added on to the dress over the 4 month span. The second photo is me in the dress with my friend who dressed up as a gangster to go with my 20s themed dress. The third photo is a comparision of the finished dress and my original design for it.

I think it turned out pretty good for my first beading adventure.

Darth Vader Dress

This is pretty straight forward. I like Darth Vader so I made a dress that resembles his costume.... yep that's about it :)

The first couple pictures are a straight shot of the dress along with a picture of the Trooper dress with the Vader dress because duh.

FN 2187/ Poe Dameron's Jacket Dress

This will be the Star Wars outfit number #4! As alwasy the original design is shown along with the inspiration. The we are pictures from our little photo shoot, where my roommate from DCP S17 Kimmi is my model. And then pictures of yours truly with BB8 and my favorite photos I have ever taken with Kylo and Chewie. I am also wearing my Chewie ears in the photo with Chewie. They are large and furry just like our Wookie friend :) 

Stormtrooper Dress

Below you will see the design ideas I had for the dress, a picture of the stormtropers that inspired the dress, and lastly me in the dress. I have to say this is one of my favorite dresses yet. 

this is a photo of me in my storm trooper dress when I went to go visit the 501st Legion in Nashville in the fall 2016. The CO brought his Rex Helmet and let me try it on.... It was pretty cool...

I also go to meet the Rebel Legion's Corellian Base's Chewie and it made me miss work.

Rey Dress

After making the Kylo dress and getting the exact response I wanted when I wore it in public I decided it would be worth trying to make other dresses with the same idea. So this is a Rey themed dress! It also is in the finishing stages so I dont have a picture of it done but I will put the concept design below :)

Also a photo of Daisy Ridley as Rey in case you don't know what her outfit looks like

Coming soon!

Dapper Day 2017

May the Fourth 2017

C3PO & R2D2

Halloween 2016

Wizard of OZ

This year the family decided to do the Wizard of Oz. Dorthy: the shoes are from June 2015 when I was part of Dance the World at WDW, dress made by yours truly, shirt found in a costume tote. Lion: I made the mane and the arm and leg fluffs as well as the skirt, t-shirt bought at Hobby Lobby. Tin Man: put together using pieces all bought at Goodwill. ScareCrow: all found in costumes totes :P. Glenda: Skirt made by me (7 yards of tulle and a bit of elastic), sweatshirt bought at Hobby Lobby with tulle added to the shoulders to look like Glenda's overly large sleeves, shoes glittered and painted by mom and I.

Normally I would go for as much like the movie as possible but this year I thought I would go more on the "Disney Bound" side, so the sibs are in something more like they would wear on a normal day and me and the parents are in things that are closer to what they should really look like.

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